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Unlike the 811 system, Utility Locator, LLC can locate existing utilities inside a building. Whether you need to core though multiple floors, or need to saw cut a trench in the basement / ground floor level, our team of skilled utility locators can detect and mark-out utilities and structural members embedded in and below concrete walls, floors, and columns. We can even locate sanitary sewer lines under the concrete floor for your future tie-in. Call us today for a free quote at 888-272-6065.

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Concrete imaging radar works by transmitting a radio frequency signal into the concrete surface. When the signal is reflected off concrete and other embedded members, a visual response is registered on the monitor, allowing technicians to mark the location of the observation in real time.
Commonly called “Floor X-Ray,” or “Concrete X-Rays,” our concrete imaging radar works much like our standard Ground Penetrating Radar, and doesn’t use the hazardous radiation found with x-ray imaging systems. Concrete imaging radar utilizes the same GPR technology to detect conflicts such as reinforcement, conduit, cables, piping, post tension cables, and more in concrete floors, slabs, walls, columns, and other surfaces.
Concrete imaging radar is effective to image utilities and other commodities embedded within concrete to a depth of about 24 inches. Other technologies are utilized to successfully detect and mark other utilities buried deep below the slab.
Yes! Our concrete scanning & imaging services are designed to provide information about conduit, rebar, and other reinforcement embedded within concrete walls, floors, slabs, and columns.
When scanning core holes, we will typically need a minimum of 2’x2′ area around the core location. This will allow us to preform a grid scan to make sure we have a clean area laid out for the work to continue.
Yes! Radiant heat tubing is detectable using our concrete imaging radar.

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