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sewer line inspection

Our team of experts and service technicians provide a full suite of state-of-the-art utility locating services, designed to help your team avoid accidental underground strikes that can result in costly repairs, severe injury and time.

pipe camera inspection

Unlike the 811 system, Utility Locator, LLC can locate existing utilities inside a building. Whether you need to core though multiple floors, or need to saw cut a trench in the basement / ground floor level, our team of skilled utility locators

sewer line video inspection
Vacuum Excavation

Due to the nature of sites changing and, more frequently, in built-up areas the ground has become heavily congested with existing underground utilities. As a result of this in a lot of areas it has become almost impossible to excavate utilities with traditional methods for site investigation work.

what do utility locators do

In addition to the on-site communication received from our Project Managers, our clients receive filed markings in the form of paint, pin flags, stakes or any other method as directed by the client. Our PMs are trained to make all of their field markings to be clear, accurate and understandable for anyone who may view them.

utility locating and marking
Video Pipe Inspection

Video Pipe Inspection is a non-invasive way to inspect Underground Sewer and Storm Pipes without performing an expensive pot luck excavation project. We can pinpoint the damage location, identify any object’s obstruction flow or just perform a forensics CCTV report. One of the ways to effectively identify the cause of problems with drains and sewers is to carry out a visual inspection.

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