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Util-locate has been providing effective subsurface Utility maps since 2001


In addition to the on-site communication received from our Project Managers, our clients receive filed markings in the form of paint, pin flags, stakes or any other method as directed by the client. Our PMs are trained to make all of their field markings to be clear, accurate and understandable for anyone who may view them.
The Deliverables Department is able to create a CAD file that documents our results. This allows clients such as contractors, engineers, and owners to create or update as-built drawings for preplanning, utility avoidance, or to document site history and site changes and can be exported to a variety of CAD and GIS systems.

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What are the benefits of Underground Utility Mapping?

Underground Utility Mapping

We has been providing effective subsurface Utility maps since 2001, having developed reputable solutions for a wide range of clients across Southern California. If you need a fully comprehensive map of the surveyed utilities that may cause conflict in design or construction, our team can provide you with the solutions you need. We take the worry of working around underground utilities away by giving you the confidence to plan, design and manage underground utilities. We are able to adapt to site changing conditions, and work through any stage of design or construction by combining latest technology, field expertise and non-destructive digging/Utility Potholing.
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