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5 Reasons Why You Should Schedule a Sewer Line Inspection

Sewer Line Inspection
A sewer line inspection can be an eye-opening experience, especially if you have no idea what to expect before the work begins. The following list details five of the top reasons why you should schedule a sewer line inspection as soon as possible.

1: If You Want To Extend The Life Of Your Septic System

Regularly scheduled septic line inspections can give you peace of mind. According to Environmental Protection Agency estimates, over 80% of septic systems fail due to blockages in their sewer lines. If your drain field becomes clogged and your system is already on its last legs, expensive repairs may be needed. A sewer line inspection can catch any potential problems with your sewer lines before they become costly complications. In addition, a professional will be able to alert you if your septic tank is failing or needs maintenance. Finally, if any issues need attention, a professional will also let you know how quickly they should be addressed. If anything seems like it needs immediate attention, don’t hesitate to call for help!

2: If You Want A Professional Opinion

The majority of drain problems are caused by tree roots, which eventually work their way into and plug up your sewer line. If you have reason to believe that tree roots may be present in your sewer line, it’s worth scheduling an inspection with a professional. When the root cause of your plumbing issues has been found and properly dealt with, you can rest assured that those issues will not come back! A sewer line inspection from a pro is well worth your time. Not only will they find out what’s going on, but they’ll also provide recommendations for how to best fix it. With their experience and insight, you’re likely to get a better result than if you try tackling it yourself.

3: If There Is Evidence Of Physical Damage

By scheduling an inspection of your sewer lines before you make any major renovations or improvements, you can save yourself from costly, unnecessary repairs. Physical damage includes tree roots that have penetrated your pipes and cracks in your sewer lines. If these problems are detected early, they can be fixed at a much lower cost than if they’re discovered after improvements are made to your home. It’s also possible for physical damage to occur during construction work; for example, if a contractor accidentally breaks through your line while digging. When that happens, it could cause sewage backup into your home. Scheduling an inspection will give you peace of mind and ensure that everything is running smoothly under your house.

4: If Your Neighbors Have Had It Inspected Recently

It’s hard to argue with logic like that—especially when you consider how vital your sewer line is. An inspection can alert you to problems and help you avoid service disruption. If, however, they haven’t been checked in quite some time, there are several benefits to scheduling an inspection. Here are five of them There’s no sense in putting off something important for even longer. The more quickly you schedule an inspection, the sooner you can get repairs made or replacement parts installed if necessary. The less frequently you have to deal with a broken pipe or sewage backup, the better! And while we don’t mean to scare anyone, there are real health risks associated with aging pipes; neglecting your sewer line could end up costing much more than it would cost to fix things now.

5: If You Are Planning On Selling Your Home

Having your sewer line inspected is one of those preventative measures you can take to avoid costly repairs. Not only will an inspection help you identify any damage that may be found, but it will also give you peace of mind that your home’s plumbing is running smoothly. If you have any questions about sewage systems or if you would like to schedule an inspection for your home, contact our local experts. We are happy to answer all of your questions and provide you with honest answers regarding any concerns you might have. Call us today!

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