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7 Reasons You Should Use An Underground Field Tile Locator

Underground Utility Locator
When your lawn just isn’t growing, sometimes you need to dig to the root of the problem. In this case, when you’re having problems with your underground sprinkler system and can’t quite figure out what’s causing them, you should use an underground field tile locator to track down the problems in your sprinkler system and fix them before they get worse. Read more here about why you should use an underground field tile locator instead of just guessing where the problem may be coming from!

(1) They Help Locate Utility Lines

A field tile locator is a device used to locate underground utility lines. They are commonly used in the construction of new buildings and homes as well as when performing renovations. It’s important to know where your pipes, wires, and cables are located so that you can ensure that no work is being done near them. A field tile locator will help you identify what’s under the ground before the digging begins.
1) Underground field tile locators help locate utility lines such as water, gas, or electric lines.
2) These devices use high-frequency electromagnetic signals to send pulses through the ground and detect any changes in conductivity which indicate the presence of metal objects underground.
3) Sensors on the device measure how long it takes for these pulses to return from their original destination, then determine how far away they were from the object.
4) That information is translated into two dimensions by adding up all of the distances between each pulse point on the map.
5) For this process to be accurate, you must have a clear view of what’s below the surface.
6) There are three types of sensors: line sensors (detects one side), range sensors (detects both sides), and magnetic sensors (detects metal).
7) Magnetic sensors can be more accurate than line sensors because they don’t need perfect visibility to get readings while line sensor readings may not be reliable if they’re interrupted by trees or other obstructions.

(2) Help Locate Where Pipes Are And Aren't

Field tile locators are a cost-effective and reliable way to find underground pipes. If you’re considering starting a business that deals with pipes, we highly recommend you invest in one. They’ll make your job much easier and save you time and money in the long run.

(3) They Save On Water Usage

Water is one of the most precious resources in the world. In some areas, it’s a commodity that has to be carefully monitored and rationed. This can make underground field tile locators a great investment for people living in these areas, as they can help save on water usage. They do this because they locate underground tiles without sending water down into the ground to find them. This limits the amount of water being used for each job, which can add up over time.

(4) They Save Time

Using a field tile locator can save you time and money. They’re easy to use, just turn it on and let it do all the work. All you have to do is read the display and find where the signal is coming from. Even with trial-and-error, this takes less time than digging in random spots. And if you’re looking for a lost or stolen pet, they’re great at finding them too! It’s not always possible to see tiles due to soil conditions or construction, but when they’re found, it’s an unmistakable sign. When a hard-to-find tile is discovered, sometimes there are more nearby because of the way that dirt moves underground – this is why using a locator saves time. One other thing – many people prefer using one of these devices over diggers because you don’t need any prior knowledge about soil types or understanding of how roots behave underground; those factors might take years of experience to know which areas are worth probing around in.

(5) Save Money

1. The underground field tile locator saves a lot of money by allowing you to find the right amount of tiles at the right price.
2. The underground field tile locator allows you to find the right type of tile, which will save you time and money in the long run.

3.The underground field tile locator saves time and money by locating just what you need without any wasted trips or materials.

4. The underground field tile locator helps protect your lawn from damage caused by digging up tiles that are not needed.
5.The underground field tile locator is more accurate than other methods because it can detect even small tiles that are buried under inches of soil.
6. The underground field tile locator pinpoints exact locations with pinpoint accuracy so there is no guesswork involved.
7.The underground field tile locator is easy to use and less expensive than having professionals do all the work for you!

(6) They Are Easy To Use

You don’t need a degree in engineering to use a locator. All you have to do is turn the machine on, point it at the ground and move it back and forth until the machine starts going crazy. The locator also has a screen that displays what each different signal means. If you find an underground pipe, for example, the locator will not only display where it is but what kind of pipe it is as well.
The best thing about using this type of locator is that there are no surprises; if you know what you’re looking for, your job gets done faster because you don’t have to spend time trying to figure out where lines are buried or how deep they go.

(7) The Locators Themselves Are Built Better Than Ever

Locators themselves are built better than ever – they’re made of durable materials, the battery lasts longer and the locators are easier to use. The enhanced locators make it easier to find field tiles in a pasture or hayfield. With improved battery life, you can spend more time tiling rather than running back and forth to recharge your locator. And with increased durability, you don’t have to worry about damaging your locator by accidentally dropping it in a muddy area.

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