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Video Pipe Inspection

Video Pipe Inspection is a non-invasive way to inspect Underground Sewer and Storm Pipes without performing an expensive pot luck excavation project. We can pinpoint the damage location, identify any object’s obstruction flow or just perform a forensics CCTV report. One of the ways to effectively identify the cause of problems with drains and sewers is to carry out a visual inspection. Using the latest CCTV equipment available, Util-Locate is able to efficiently carry out pipeline inspections and identify sewer and drain defects for all of Southern California residents, general contractors, surveyors, 

Common situations that require a video pipe inspection include:

-Sewer and/or drainage problems.
-If you plan on selling your house because one tiny plumbing issue could derail the selling process.
-Receiving a notice from the city informing you on that your sewer connection has been corrupted which can be a risk to the surrounding environment.              

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