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Utility Locating Quality Process

Our team of experts and service technicians provide a full suite of state-of-the-art utility locating services, designed to help your team avoid accidental underground strikes that can result in costly repairs, severe injury and time.

Step 1 : Site Walk

Visual Site Scan

On The Mark Locators perform a visual job site inspection. We look for surface features and inspect the interior of the buildings to ensure that all underground utilities are accounted for in your scope of work.

gpr concrete scanning
rebar scanner

Step 2: Find & Verify the Known Utilities

EM Receiver / Transmitter

We locate the known utilities in your scope of work. This is done by connecting, tracing and marking utilities from surface feature to surface feature ( Gas Valves, Water Pit or Meters, Electrical Transformers and Communication Junction Boxes). This may require us to connect to utilities out of the scope of work and trace back through the scope of work to ensure a safe place to work,

Step 3: Find & Identify Unknown Utilities

EM Passive & Induction Scans

To ensure the overall timely success of your project, utility detection is critical to any construction project where a subsurface excavation is planned. If this critical first step is ignored, the risk for injury increases, budget overruns can multiply and your schedule can be delayed.

video pipe inspection
sewer line inspection

Step 4: Find Anomalies Underground

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

We have the knowledge along with the equipment to find Storm Drains, Fiber Optics Lines and Sanitary Sewer Lines that are passing through your scope of work. Those types of utilities are not usually located with accuracy. On The Mark Locators have the equipment to find these utilities. All we need is access. 

Step 5: A Peace of Mind


On The Mark Locators documents all findings from each step and creates industry leading deliverables so you have full visibility and understanding of everything that was located on your job site.

plumbing inspection camera

Benefits Of Choosing Private Utility Locators Vs State Call


On The Mark Locators specialize in locating  ALL buried utility lines in your excavation area, including:


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