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The Process of Underground Utility Locating: How It’s Done for Safe Digging

Underground Utility Locating

Excavation involves digging and drilling the ground to install new pipelines, cables, and other infrastructure. But before any digging can begin, it is essential to locate all the underground utilities’ exact locations to avoid accidents or damage to the existing infrastructure. This is where underground utility locating comes in. Underground utility locating is a crucial […]

What Does an Underground Utility Locator Do?

Underground Utility Locator

Underground utility locators are professionals who play a crucial role in construction and engineering projects. Their main responsibility is accurately locating and marking underground utilities such as water, gas, electric, and telecommunication. Our locators use advanced technology and specialized equipment to ensure construction crews can work safely and avoid costly damage to existing infrastructure. In […]

6 Benefits of a Private Utility Locator

Private Utility Locator

Construction projects can be complex and require a high level of expertise. One of the critical steps involved in such projects is locating underground utilities. It is essential to identify these utilities accurately to avoid costly damages and potential safety hazards. That’s where private utility locators come in. On The Mark Locators, LLC is a […]

On the Mark Locators: Providing Top-Quality Pinpoint Utility Locating Services

pinpoint utility locating

On The Mark Locators is the premier provider of pinpoint utility locating services in the industry. Our experienced team of professionals uses the latest technology to accurately and quickly locate underground utilities, ensuring the highest safety and reliability. Whether you need to locate sewer lines, electric cables, water mains, or any other underground utility, On […]

Utility Locating Services: How to Avoid Expensive Repair Bills

utility locating services

When you notice your water or electricity isn’t working properly, it’s easy to get worried about the cost of repairs. If you live in an older home, these bills can add up quickly if you don’t know how to locate the utility lines running under your property first. Fortunately, there are various ways to make […]

Why Private Utility Locating is Important

private utility locating

When it comes to choosing between a public or private utility locator, many people are stumped because they don’t know exactly what the difference is. While they may seem similar on the surface, these two methods of locating buried pipes can have completely different results and affect your project in a major way. If you […]

The Secrets to Successful Private Utility Locating

Private utility locating

Finding the right private utility locator can make all the difference in your next construction project. Private utility locating, or sewer locating, is an art that requires patience and skill to be performed well. It’s not something that just anyone can do, so you’ll want to choose your locator carefully if you want a fast, […]

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